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Mr. Marc J Wagner

the CEO and Founder of

Financial Freedom Solutions

Financial Freedom Solutions is part of the WAM USA LLC holding company which was founded in 2008 by Mr. Marc J Wagner and to this day is still owned and operated by him.

Mr. Wagner has been in business for himself since 2003 and consulted for many small to medium sized businesses since 2006. He helped many of them grow in their local and/or online market. Mr. Wagner has been in professional e-commerce since 2009 and is a successful Amazon seller since 2017. He has built and successfully sold over 5 companies in the past 13 years.

Mr. Wagner is excited to announce that Financial Freedom Solutions is now opening its services up to the public and business owners alike.

Our main goal is to offer various strategies to individuals and/or businesses to gain financial freedom and peace of mind. We help people retire early without having to worry about their monthly income being too little to live comfortably.

So, whether you want to start a “hands-free” completely DFY e-com business, grow or expand your existing business (e-com or not) or you are looking to save taxes legally by exploring off-shore tax havens, then Financial Freedom Solutions is the way to go.

Schedule a free consultation with Mr. Wagner to explore how he could help you grow and retire early.

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